Price / Plan

Price / Plan

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Experience IoT system development with visual programming


Advanced system development and operations management of IoT systems

IoT System Development
Cloud Implementation1
Gateway Implementation
Use Private Node
Deploy and Run Flow
Deploy and Execute File
Deploy AI Model2,3
Device Group Management2
Schedule Deployment2
IoT System Support
Device Status
Device Logs
Remote Maintenance
Data Visualization
Visualize Data4
IoT Dashboard4
Project Management
Project and Asset Access Permissions
Technical Support
Contact Us
1. If customers want to run flow continuously, you can use the Cloud Execution Environment. However, depending on the flow you wish to implement, you may need to prepare your own environment with Heroku or AWS Lambda.
2. If customers want to use function relating device, customers need to set up AWS IoT on their own.
3. Currently available as beta version.
4. DataSource to be use with enebular needs to be set up by customers on their own.