enebular to further leverage Node-RED

enebular to further leverage Node-RED

At enebular, we use Node-RED for both the flow editor and the agent software.

By using Node-RED, we are able to eliminate the need to rely on a specific IoT platform and allow cloud engineers and embedded engineers with different areas of expertise to collaborate. and embedded engineers with different areas of expertise can collaborate.



Advantages of Node-RED

Node-RED is an open source visual programming tool. It allows you to visualize and develop data logic in the form of flows, sometimes referred to as no-code/low-code tools. It runs on Node.js, a JavaScript execution environment, and can be used on a variety of platforms, making it portable, reusable, and extensible.

It was developed at IBM in 2013 and open sourced in 2014. Since then, developers around the world have contributed to the development of Node-RED itself, and various users have provided a variety of use cases; it is expected to be fully utilized when it is released as version 1.0 in 2019.

enebular to make Node-RED more useful

Multiple flows can be managed and shared

A Raspberry Pi and Node-RED are sufficient for stand-alone use in experiments. However, Node-RED alone may not be convenient for sharing the created flows with the team or for testing by other members.

With enebular, you can store multiple flows in the cloud, manage them from a dashboard screen, and call them from a web browser at any time. You can also share these flows with your team members and keep a history of their creation. In addition, deployment from experimental devices to production devices is also smooth.

Mutual use only possible with open source

When you want other people to use a flow you created, it is a little inconvenient to save the flow in a file (flow.json) and send it via email, or post the contents of the file on a web page and have the users copy and paste it.

With enebular, you can easily publish the created flows. Also, people who want to use the flows can import them directly into their own projects. Imported flows can be tested on the web or deployed to devices.

Private Node – Share Nodes with Specific Users

If you want to incorporate a flow or custom node created with Node-RED into your own product or use it in a system development project, you will need to publish your custom node on node-red.org. Many projects and companies do not easily publish their information assets as open source software.

With enebular, custom nodes can be managed exclusively within a project as private nodes without having to publish them. You can also sell the private nodes you create to other users, which opens up new business opportunities.

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